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The sewing of the cut parts


Naehen 1996It is not much difference between the technique used today and that used in former times to sew the parts together. Only that the today's sewing machines have electrical motors, while in the Twenties and Thirties the women had to drive the machines by their feet. Still in the Fifties, when the HERMANN family ventured a new beginning in the West, the first sewing machines had to be driven by feet, because the electrical machines were too expensive.

HERMANN-Coburg don't use computer controlled automatic sewing machines. Still today the seamstresses have to lead the cut parts by their hands to get a seam, and this is the more difficult as more bends the patterns have. But this makes possible to introduce many different Teddy Bears in small limited editions in short time. On the other side, the seamstresses of  HERMANN-Coburg have to be educated very well. Each women has to know all sewing steps by rote.




Naehen 1930In former times it was even the work of the seamstresses to sew also the roundness of the paws and shoulders of the cheaper Teddy Bears by rote. Because in former times the bigger quantities of lower quality Bears were cut by hand-knifes, and it helps to save working time, when the cutter only had to cut straight lines. Only the seamstresses gave the single Teddy Bear then its special form. But today this technique is not any longer used, because it makes not possible to work so exactly as it is necessary.

It goes without saying, that today the figure of each HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bears is already fixed by the patterns made by the designers, as it was already the case in the past for the higher quality Bears.But nevertheless still today the seamstresses have to pay attention, that the seam will always have the same distance to the border, otherwise you will get bigger and smaller Teddy Bears. For all HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bears this distance is 4 mm.

Here in the Sewing Room also all the different clothes for the Teddy Bears are made.


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