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HERMANN Coburg Teddy Bears
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Signs of HERMANN-Coburg Bears
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HERMANN-Coburg is one of the oldest still existing Teddy Bear companies in the world. The HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bears are designed by the best designers and made by high skilled workers. All Teddy Bears are produced in Germany under the protection of the German Social Laws. The mohair fabric and the other materials used for the HERMANN-Coburg come from the best German and European manufactures. They are all hand picked and tested.

To be sure to buy no imitation, we will introduce to you the signs of authenticity of the HERMANNN-Coburg Teddy Bears


  1. The green HERMANN-Coburg Hang Tag

  2. The HERMANN Coburg Neckmark

  3. The HERMANN Coburg Fabric Labels

  4. The HERMANN Coburg individual numbering of a Limited Edition

  5. The HERMANN Coburg Certification of Authenticity

1. The green HERMANN-Coburg Hang Tag

HERMANN Hang Tag At the beginning of the Thirties Max Hermann designed for his Teddy Bears the known logo - the "Green Triangle" and "the Bear with the Running Dog". Till today these features have remained in the trademark of Hermann-Coburg to identify all Teddy Bears made by Max Hermann and his descendants. Since the Beginning of the Thirties all Hermann-Coburg Teddy Bears were signed with the traditional green Hermann-Coburg hang tag, which shows the well-known drawing of "the Bear with the Running Dog".

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2. The HERMANN Coburg Neckmark

HERMANN Neckmark Since August 1993 all Hermann-Coburg Teddy Bears are signed with the Hermann-Coburg "Neckmark", which shows the traditional sign of the "Triangle" containing with the drawing of "the Bear with the Running Dog". This "Neckmark" guarantees the identification of Teddy Bears made by Hermann-Coburg, one of the oldest still existing German Teddy Bear companies, for the future and for all times.

You find this neckmarks at the back of the bears head. Check the neckmark and you can be absolutely sure to have a Bear from HERMANN-Coburg. On the other side, this sign helps you to verify the production date before or after August 1993.

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3. The HERMANN-Coburg Fabric Labels

In addition to all these signs, there is a fabric-label sew in the right arm of the Teddy Bear. There are several different labels in use in the HERMANN-Coburg company. The use depends on the country the bear will send to, the customer who will get the bear and the material used for the Teddy Bear. But all labels contain the following words:

Made in Germany

Check these words on the fabric label in right arm, and
you can be absolutely sure to have a Bear from HERMANN-Coburg.

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4. The HERMANN Coburg Individual Numbering of a Limited Edition

Individual Numbering of the Bear Each limited Hermann-Coburg Teddy Bear bears its own individual Number, not only on the certification, but first of all on the Teddy Bear itself - primary on the foot of the Bear. This guarantees, that every Teddy Bear is registered, and that not more than the limited edition can be produced. Just before the manufacture of a limited edition starts, each Teddy Bear gets its own individual number, which signs this individual Bear during the manufacture, for the future and for all times.

Golden Books of HERMANN Coburg.

In addition to this, HERMANN-Coburg has so called "Golden Books". Each bear is registered with his number for all times to the person, who get the bear first. So the HERMANN-Company knows exactly, even in 100 years, at which date the bear has left the company in Coburg and to whom, Teddy Bear Collector or shop, the bear was send first.

This is a big investment from the HERMANN's for the future, that garantie the value of the HERMANN-Coburg Bear for the Teddy Bear Collector.

Of course there are also not limited Teddy Bears in the Collection of HERMANN-Coburg, or there are other form of limited editions, like a limited production to one year, for example the Annual Editions. These Bears are not registered.

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5. The HERMANN-Coburg Certification of Authenticity

HERMANN Certification Each Limited Edition HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bear has a certification of authenticity. On this certification is documented
  • the name of the bear

  • the description of the bear

  • the quantity of the limited edition

  • the individual number of the bear.

Both numbers , on the bear and on the certification must match.

It's very important to compare these two numbers. That is the only way to be sure, that the bear, described on the certification matches with the bear you will buy.

This is a general rule for buying collectible item. You always need to have a certification that repeats the number of the item. A certification, with a number, which can not be found on the item itself,  is of no worth. In addition: Always compare the item description on the Certification with the item itself. A Certification which does not contain in the minimum the name of the item, is of no worth.

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